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The Vervaet Slurry Spreader

Here we show the Vervaet in action with its dual crop-row wheel system

Twin row-crop wheels for self propelled slurry applicator. 

Twin row-crop wheels have been introduced for the Vervaet Quad 550 self-propelled slurry applicator.

This new wheel option has been used on the continent with great success and Preston's have added a Vervaet to it's fleet of slurry applicators.

Featured in the August 2023 Farmer's Guide we show how this beast goes to work. The dual row-crop wheels are configured with a 75cm spacing which allows spreading to be carried out post-drilling and through young maize without causing damage to the crop. This allows an additional dose of digestate to be spread on the growing maize and also extends the working season for contractors by an extra 3-4 weeks. 

With a tank capacity of 22m3 the Quad is a large machine, but the dual wheel format spreads its weight across a considerable area to minimise compaction and avoid creating ruts. 

Rather than fitting single crop row wheels with add-on-dual-wheels, the heavy-duty twin row-crops are welded solid, effectively creating a single wheel with a pan and rim each side of a strong tubular centre section. 

The Quad has huge versatility and allows contractors to prolong the spreading window and maximise use of digestate as a renewable and sustainable nutrient source. 

The dual row-crops make it possible to apply digestate with minimal crop damage when historically this  just wasn't possible.


Featured in
Farmer's Guide
August 2023

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